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The local tourist bureau arranges guided tours of the village, "kaffemik" (coffee drinking), whale safari, trips to the ice cap or the ruins of the old norse inhabitants, the hot springs and many other attractions, depending on the time of the year and the amount of money you want to spend. Look at all the opportunities at: Greenland Sagalands.

Everyday life
Discover the daily life in the village. Visit the place where the local fishermen trade their catch of the day. Visit the church and stay in for a Greenlandic service. Visit the museum and see how the inhabitants lived when the village was founded.

Trips to the peak
Take a trip to the mountains and enjoy the overwhelming sight and quietness. From here it is possible to overview the village, the ice cap and the incredible line of mountain peaks. Today the road reaches far up to the mountains so it is not difficult to get a spectacular view.

A hike around the great lake "Storesøen" (Tasersuaq) can be recommended. There is a fine path alongside the lake. Get up early one morning and enjoy the nature and the quietness. Storesøen is approx. 4 km long, 1 km wide and up to 100 m deep. This lake provides the village with drinking water.

Fishing trips
If you like silence, intensity and a fishing rod, you have to take a trip to the great lake "Storesøen". In the high season (July/August) tours will be arranged by the local tourist bureau to great fishing places. Fishing permits can be purchased at the local post office.

First Day at School
If you are in Qaqortoq in August you will have the opportunity to enjoy a day of feast, as the youngest citizens of the village start school for the first time. Everybody will be wearing the National Dress, e.g. the girls will be dressed in seal fur sewn with tiny pearls.